Yee Olde Dragon Master's Guide to the Mighty Labyrinth Quest: The Foreshadowing

by Yee Olde Dragon Master's Guide to the Mighty Labyrinth Quest

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The first album from the world's ONLY choose your own adventure role playing game band. Hear tales foreshadowing the Saddest Forest, our soon to be forth coming fully interactive epic.


released July 23, 2015

Singing and rhythym guitar: Yee Olde Dragon Master
Drums: Zacharias McBookstein, the Blind, Illiterate Barbarian Librarian
Bass: Tjom Fjergeson, Rogue Wizard Warrior
Lead Guitar: Daniel O'Sheridan, the Shilleighleigh
Violin: Arial Wang, the Hobbit Thief
Cello: Louis Patzner, the Paladin who wanted to be a Tree



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Yee Olde Dragon Master's Guide to the Mighty Labyrinth Quest Oakland, California

Yee Olde Dragon master has awakened after 10,000 years of slumber, to bring high quality fantasy role playing choose your own adventure rock to the masses and to unite the nerd kingdoms under one banner, the icosohedral banner of the Mighty Labyrinth Quest! ... more

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Track Name: Into the Labyrinth
Welcome to my dungeon. Would you like to see my dragons? They come in oh so many colors. Each one has it's own breath weapon. Welcome to my dungeon. Don't get eaten by the dragons. It's happened to so many others, but do not be afraid to go through my magic door...... You will find a world of fantasy and magic to explore. But now it is time to roll the dice and choose your mighty character. You can be a fighter and wield a mighty sword. You could be a wizard and say the magic word. You could be a thief and use your dexterity to steal. Or you could be a healer with powers to banish evil and to heal....... Which will you choose?
Track Name: The Hoppits
See them bouncing all around. Hear them make their joyful sounds. When you get there you will feast. What a joy it will be to meet.
Do your dishes! The hoppits are such great hosts!
When you get there you will retire. Telling stories around the fire. When you sleep you will have such rest. Bad emotions get them off your chest.
Do your dishes! The hoppits are such great hosts!
Track Name: Frack Doom Garden (Hoppits' Plea)
What has happened to the hoppits? What has happened to the hoppits? Their gardens have all been destroyed! The hoppits have been enslaved by the orcs. THe hoppits have been forced to work on fracking the ground! Deep underground they will dissolve the mineral wealth under the ground! Who cares if it causes and earthquake? Who cares if it poisons the water? As long as the evil gnomes get paid, and the orcs get to feast on hoppit's blood.
I know you're here to help, but please leave. The orcs will surely kill us if you are seen. Don't you know that now the orcs have tanks? Given to them by the gnomish banks. All you can do is summon the forest protector. She will know what to do. Find your way to the druids. They will show the path to you. And forget about me and my company in slavery.
Track Name: The Sad Tale of Grimmlick the Dwarf
Hear the sad tale of Grimmlick the Dwarf. He is a miner who has lived by the sword. His entire family was captured by the orcs, and now he only lives for his revenge.
I am Grimmlick the Dwarf! Call me a miner who has lived by the sword. They got the drop on me and now I am captured by the orcs, and now I only live for my revenge.
I AM GRIMMLICK THE DWARF! The orcs will not be defeated by your puny sword! But take this plus six thermite! It will help you win the war, and then I can have my revenge!
Track Name: Bjorn the Bjorning
A mysterious people are the Bjornings. They change into bears by the light of the moon. There is one thing that bears love and it's honey, so it's clear what the bears have to do. You have got to take care of these bees, these wonderful, magical pollinators. Let them do as they please, these wonderful magical hard working creatures. A bee comes up to you.......
Track Name: Do You Like Food? Thank a Honey Bee
Bees everywhere. Please don't be scared. They pollinate the flowers that grow. If you like food then thank a bee. Do you like food? Then thank a honey bee! They pollinate the flowers and the trees. They help us grow the fruits and all the vegetables we eat. If you like food then thank a bee.....
Track Name: Ohm With the Druids
It takes a lot of patience to be a druid.
You have to view reality as very fluid.
You cannot pick a side you cannot judge, but on defending the forest we will not budge.
Our diviners said you would help us.
Won't you save the Saddest Forest?
Go to the Holy Mountain!
There you will find the Sacred Fountain, and summon the forest protector.
Our neutrality forbids us to go there.
Will you accept our quest and save the Saddest Forest?
Track Name: The Giving Tree (Lay Down Your Harms)
The Giving Tree loves everyone, no matter who you are.
The Giving Tree, she knows deep down that you are a shining star.
Shine on little star!
The Giving Tree loves everyone, no matter where you've been.
The Giving Tree, she knows deep down, we are all innocent.
Rest in her branches. Eat of her fruit.
There's nothing bad here. Everything is good.
Feel your hit points restored!
The Giving tree, she opens up her eyes and she begins to speak.......
Listen.... Listen...... I don't want to hurt anybody.....
In the morning I'll awake, to face another day, another table turned around, but it's the same thing that I found one thousand years ago.
Will we ever be sane? Our situation seems so strange, all this talking past each other....
We do things we don't understand. What are we holding in our hands? Acting out of hurt, we push each other in the dirt.
In our hands we are holding arms, but all our weapons do is harm, so let's call them what they are! We will no longer call them arms. Let's call our weapons harms! Why don't we just lay down our harms, and hold each other in our arms?
About the chopping down of the trees, the orc's minds filled up with disease, but all they really want deep down is to feed their families......
Track Name: I am a Unicorn!
Deep in the ancient forest, away from human eyes, there lives a magical being, so beautiful and wise. The forest has a protector, who wields a mighty horn. The forest has a protector, the mighty unicorn.
I am a unicorn! I can do anything! Gaze into my mystic eyes!
I am a unicorn! I can do anything! See the truth behind the lies!
I am a unicorn! I can do anything! Engage me in my mystic flows!
I am a unicorn! I can do anything! Follow me see where the magic goes!
Unicorn..... Power of teleportation
Unicorn..... Has a magic horn!
Unicorn..... She can cure the poison!
Unicorn..... Where she steps she makes the flowers grow!
But deep in the Mysty Mountains lived the goblin hordes, come to kill baby animals, they came in with their swords, with nasty teeth and rolling eyes, they come with hate and to despise, fighting and biting all the way, but what has the unicorn got to say?
They came with their knives. They came with their swords, but she ran them through with her horn!